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Design can help during COVID-19 pandemic: Veterinary Clinic design strategies

Amid the closure of restaurants and restrictions on nursing homes, veterinary practices that are considered essential services and are still open and are also starting to feel the effects of the #covid19 #pandemic.

One clinic in Maryland is taking steps to slow the spread of the virus by offering its clients curbside check-in to keep both its staff and its human clients safe and healthy.

“There's no way to be able to see a dog (or) cat from home,” explained Laila Bolsteins, a vet technician at the Laytonsville Veterinary Practice in Montgomery County, Maryland.

“So the best we can do is see the animal without the people present, just to reduce some of that human contact” she said.

Limited strategies based on best practices and safety guidelines might require the Vet Clinics to incorporate new spatial and operational changes to keep the veterinary, the staff, the animals, and the animal owner safe.

#Architects can help to make those changes happen by providing a design consultation to analyze all the safety requirements, drafting diagrams and plans to keep the people movements separated, providing enough social distancing, new animal Drop-Off and Drive-Thru facilities, and outdoor sheltered spaces for owner to wait for their animals to be taken care of.

ArchitecturaLAB would be very honored to help local businesses in making those changes to their facilities in order to keep offering those essential services to their community in a safely manner.

Contact us today to schedule an introductory consultation.

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