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Energy Efficient Social Housing!

The latest session of the #Research Group for cost-effective #PassiveHouses addressed the issue of #socialhousing and how it can be implemented in a cost-effective and #energyefficient manner.

Kufstein Südtiroler Siedlung

Many municipalities, particularly in #highdensity #urban areas, are tackling the urgent task of providing more #affordablehousing. Social housing is often located in buildings with a poor energy condition. This also burdens the municipalities, which pay the social benefit recipients the ancillary housing costs. Building with energy efficiency in mind will have a direct impact on creating affordable housing as it will significantly drive down the price of rent through lowering the cost of the building facilities. This is achieved through the implementation of passive house building technologies such as high levels of insulation and intelligent building systems.

The #PassivhausSozialPlus in #Darmstadt, #Germany is serving as a nationwide model for social housing with #sustainability in mind. The 42 apartments for low-income sections of the population have been built according to the passive house standard. Through the use of extremely energy-efficient electricity consumers in the building and the photovoltaic system with battery storage, the building will generate more energy on average than its residents consume. In addition, a gray water treatment system in the building helps to save precious drinking water.

Kufstein Südtiroler Siedlung

Another model for sustainability in social housing is taking place in the region of #Navarra Spain where 500 nearly zero-energy building units are being built for their citizens. Nearly zero-energy buildings have very low #energy consumption due to their design and the #materials used in their #construction and reduce energy consumption by 75% compared to standard buildings. The project will also contribute towards #socialintegration and #urbanregeneration through the provision of #affordable #rental #housing.

Edificio Thermos de Promociones Las Provincias by VArquitectos is the first Passive House certified residential block in Spain. It has 29 free dwellings and is located in the Pamplonés neighborhood of Soto de Lezkairu.

Other expected results include: 

  • 90% reduction in the cost of heating 

  • reduction in the maintenance cost of buildings 

  • use of renewable energy for heating 

  • employment of approximately 700 people during the period of implementation

With a €40 million loan from the European Investment Bank, NASUVINSA, the public agency responsible for urban development and social housing projects in Navarra, will manage the construction of 78,000 square metres of housing over the next three years.

Read more about Energy Efficiency in Social Housing here!

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