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A BIG THANKS to Professor Olaitan Awomolo for inviting me on Friday March 15th to take part in the Mid-Term Architectural Design Studio Critique at the Department of Architecture at Temple University.

The students had to pin-up all their design sketches and drawings and present three models that were the conceptual evolution of their spatial studies. The theme was exploring the space and the movement stepping up on a STAIR. They had to explore how the body and the choreography one of them performed interacted with the space.

They were asked to transform their observations into shapes and architecture.

Some of the models the students presented were very interesting because the really explored the materiality of the light and the shadows; some of them managed to build a continuous space where a body could indefinitely flow through it, moving in and out, up and down in a sort of interrupted circle. Others worked with a monolithic solid and engraved in it the ideal space the choreography generated. One student was also exploring the concept of creating a continuous imaginary surface defined by the edges of elements organized to create a balanced structure.

For my perspective it was very refreshing being there, listening to their thoughts and design process steps; looking at their models as result of their exploration and evolution. I was very happy to provide some insight, give them advice on how to move forward, offer a different perspective when in need of finding a new design path. It was extremely enriching being able to once again go back to academic way of looking at our design process.


I cannot wait to meet the students again for their Final Studio Critique and see the immense progress they might have achieved at that point!


Elisa Lanzutti - Architect & Principal

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