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The Porch is making a comeback!

After nearly a year of the pandemic, our outdoor spaces have become one of our main sources of rescue from our constant confinement. It’s no surprise that landscape design has become a top priority and even those in cities are finding ways to integrate the presence of nature into their homes. With so much time spent inside, we are constantly looking for ways to best utilize and extend the space that we already have. Outdoor space, once thought to be primarily as a place to hang out during downtime, has become a space of both productivity and sanctuary.

The belief in the therapeutic benefits from connecting to nature is not a new idea. Throughout history the “countryside” was regarded as the place to escape from the sickness and dirt of the cities. The pandemic has reinforced the idea that “horticulture is therapy” in both the benefits to mental wellbeing and our physical health. This has been particularly important after the CDC’s recommendation to prioritize outdoor over indoor gatherings

It’s no wonder that a recent “Home Improvement Research Group” survey confirms that outdoor areas have been the focus on much remodeling activity with strong growth in landscaping, decks and outdoor living rooms. Requests for covered outdoor living spaces are at an all time high as people are eager to begin gathering with family and friends again.

Take a look at our recent porch addition and some design ideas to jumpstart your creativity and get your outdoor areas ready for sunny skies!

1. Natural materials:

Natural materials are a big design trend now. Not only do they look great, but they are more eco friendly than synthetic materials!

2. Flow:

Creating a natural flow between indoors and out will not only maximize your home's space, but it will also give you a much-needed mental boost.

3. Enclosures:

Enclosures can ensure that you can maximize your outdoor space for year round usage. Enclosures can also give you a little boost of privacy, which is becoming an increasing priority. With the pandemic driving residents outside to exercise, meditate, rest or recuperate, it’s a bigger issue than in the past. “The more private the spaces, the more desirable they are for homebuyers,”

Let’s get you the outdoor space of your dreams! Contact us today HERE!

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