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ArchitecturaLAB is a small Architecture Firm that works as a creative and collaborative Laboratory. This means we work with a network of experts including developers, contractors, consultants but also writers, psychologists, photographers, sustainability experts and many more. These creative collaborations inspire high level design thinking, foster interdisciplinary connections, keep an open and fresh mind and ultimately create truly effective and innovative design solutions to offer to our clients.


Elisa Lanzutti


Elisa Lanzutti is the principal of ArchitecturaLAB, which she founded in 2018 after over 10 years of professional design experience developed  in different countries where she worked and a diverse multicultural academic background.


She believes architects have the power to communicate the importance of social equity and environmentally responsible messages and implement these values into projects for a positive impact.

Elisa is creative in seeking hidden potential in buildings and aiming at adding value through good design. Her belief in positive changes united with an entrepreneurial inclination pushed her to also establish her own independent development company EquityLAB, which she is currently growing with the goal of supporting equitable and sustainable projects at small scale. 


In addition to her professional practice, Elisa is involved in her community as a member of the Environmental Advisory Council (EAC Conshohocken) to foster positive thinking and to advocate for sustainable strategies and initiatives; and in the Great Philadelphia Area with “green” associations such as the Green Building United to promote sustainability and higher quality in construction and comfort in the building industry. Central in her beliefs are the importance of peer support and mentoring of younger generations to find their inspirational path which she enjoys through her involvement with the Women in Architecture group in Philadelphia.


Amazing people have collaborated with us and contributed to develop our projects and design process.


Maria Diodato, PhD



We are a small firm that enjoys collaborating in a fun and energetic LAB environment.

We are always looking for talented, highly motivated individuals who are excited to join our team. If you are interested in working with us please send a cover letter and resume/work samples for our review.

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