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Shopping Center


The project completely transformed an entire underdeveloped neighborhood in central London. Part of the existing buildings have been demolished, extended, retained and reshaped. A very valuable part of the city has been returned to the people through the creation of a new residential, commercial and working oasis.

Each access to the Courtyard is a proper shopping promenade that attracts customers in the main central public space.

Sun light, shadows and night lights studies have been analyzed to optimize the light exposure. The effective design proposed to build a glazed three-story high volume, backlit and with shining reflective surfaces. This was visible from the three access pathways, attracting curious customers to the shopping courtyard. That became an attractive hot spot in the city. 

The composition of multiple volumes, each with a different texture, allows the development to achieve a look not to invasive with minimum impact.


The choice of using a traditional material such as brick and simple volumes deliver a modern design that is in harmony with the historic surrounding and existing retained buildings.


Elisa Lanzutti

@ SCH Architects






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