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Our approach to new projects always starts from the natural, built and human environments and takes into consideration both the purpose and the effect of our projects as a responsible way to respond to our client's goals, building users’ needs, surrounding community growth and natural setting preservation.


We are committed to a more sustainable design approach and we look at this concept from multiple angles:


We provide design services for a variety of project types, at different design scale and type of intervention. Currently our main focus is dedicated to residential and small commercial projects for either renovations of existing buildings or new ground-up constructions.


A broad range of disciplines come together in our architectural work and therefore we promote an open, transparent and constant dialog among all the parties involved (clients, design and construction teams, communities, agencies and local government) as a way of providing a good quality service and streamline the design and construction process, especially for those projects aiming to achieve high performances and community recognition.  

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