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While working at JKRP Architects, Elisa contributed with her international background (language, construction systems and international standards) in the development of a collaborative project between two architectural practices in the design of an IMaxx Theatre and Visitor Center to be located on the Panama Canal.  Some of the challenging aspects of this project were the coordination of preferred vendors and consultants situated on different countries; the integration of local regulations and requirements with prototypical American design standards; and the facilitation in the communication between different teams.

The goals for the design of the new building were: integrating the existing visitor center with the new theater structure; connecting the lower parking level and the final upper access to the canal view passing through interconnected spaces with different uses; carefully planning the visitors flow to provide a continuous and uninterrupted experience; attracting the visitors in approaching the building by providing a new strong and distinctive image during the daytime excursion and a safe and attractive bright look for the evening hours uses.


Elisa Lanzutti

@ JKRP Architects


MALLOL & MALLOL Arquitectos


Panama Canal




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