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The project was commissioned to convert a rural villa with a very traditional layout into a wealthy residential mansion suitable for a modern living style.


The integration of the new functions in the total respect of the historic building was one of the major challenges. The same approach was maintained for the integration of modern materials without hiding or altering the existing finishes. The overall fashionable and contemporary look was achieved with the contrast between neutral but opposite colors, surfaces, textures and shapes.

Architects are like writers and projects are the stories they tell. It is important to use a simple and clear language and to describe spaces with a vocabulary coherent with the setting. The respect of the location and its peculiarity, the time frame and historic background is fundamental.

It is crucial to transmit cultural traditions, values and enrich the story with a moral. To do so architects must research every time the cultural identity of a place and its people.


Elisa Lanzutti

@ SCH Architects






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